8-week Mindfulness Course

M.H.A.S.O. Unit 200, 1489 Merivale Rd

Sept 19 – Nov 9, 2017 (Tuesdays)   6:30 – 8:30 pm

Cost: $450 (may be covered by your insurance)

Call 613-225-7272 to register

Many people find mindfulness skills helpful for inserting a little breathing room into their lives. These skills have helped many people reduce their stress, handle work challenges, cope with difficult emotions, and improve their self-care. Research indicates that mindfulness can be beneficial for both our physical and mental well-being.

Topics covered in this program include:

  • Understanding what mindfulness is and isn’t
  • Coping with stress and difficult emotions
  • Increasing body awareness
  • Taking care of ourselves
  • Observing our thoughts/feelings without getting caught up in them
  • Respond mindfully (instead of reacting automatically)
  • Finding breathing space in our day
  • Exploring meditation techniques
  • Appreciating the pleasant moments in life (even if they’re rare)


Please plan to attend an information session on Sept 12 to learn more about the program
Note that this is an experiential course – we will be practicing mindfulness together, not just talking about the theories and the research.

The fees for this program are typically reimbursed by third-party extended health care insurance, as services are provided
by a registered health care practitioner under the direct supervision of a registered psychologist.

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